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Lisa Jay Productions

  • How do you become a member?

There is a small membership subscription per production, for member age 7 and upwards.

A big advantage of our company is that it is open to the whole community and runs for only 5 months out of the year. The member is usually active between the first week in November until the performance in April/May, subject to venue availability.

We ask for a small costume hire charge. We expect that you will be available for the full technical and dress runs which are on the week leading up to the performances.

  • Why join LJP?

Lisa Jay Productions is a company, which promotes and nurtures young talent in all three genres of singing, dancing and acting.

Do you need to have existing skills to become a member?

We begin with workshops whereby skills are fine tuned in preparation for the auditions which take place in order to fill our character roles.

  • Will I be given a role?

All members play a vital role in the production, whether it be an acting leading role to ensemble.

  • What is different about LJP?

Unlike some production companies, we encourage members from children to adults, including family groups, to work together in order to perform professional shows and gain valuable stage skills. These are transferable skills which can be used in every day life situations.

  • What productions have we already performed?

Our past productions include Alice in Wonderland Jr at the Embassy Theatre Skegness and Beauty and the Beast Jr at Butlins, Skegness.