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BDO is a street competion for East Anglia which is held in Peterborough. The next comp will be in November 2016

Past Results

November 2013

Maca Howitt newcomer Emily Otter newcomer Stacey Norcup newcomer
Hannah Crump newcomer Alicia Otter newcomer Darci Gowling newcomer
Jaz Mcmullan newcomer Olivia Horton newcomer Eleanor Ford newcomer
Olivia Manville newcomer Kaci Jayes newcomer 5th Kira Carter newcomer
Deanna Jeffs newcomer Thorpe Mills newcomer Taylor Cochrane newcomer 5th
Katy Walker newcomer Phoebe Phillips newcomer Louisa Baker newcomer
Beth Baker newcomer Becky Locking newcomer Karlie Wright newcomer 4th

Alicia Otter & Maca Howitt newcomer 6th Emily Otter & Jaz Mcmullan newcomer
Eleanor Ford & Olivia Horton newcomer Olivia Manville & Stacey Norcup newcomer
Darci Gowling & Hannah Crump newcomer Kira Carter & Deanna Jeffs newcomer 5th
Kaci Jayes & Thorpe Mills newcomer Taylor Cochrane & Louisa Baker newcomer 2nd
Beth Baker & Phoebe Phillips newcomer Katy Walker & Emily Whittaker newcomer
Becky Locking & Karlie Wright 2nd
November 2014

Emily Crump first timers 5th Courtney Brain first timers Phoebe Mills first timers
Grace Hardy first timers Eva Latham first timers Emily Sharratt first timers
Olivia Manville amateur 6th Eleanor Ford amateur Emily Otter amateur
Hannah Crump amateur Darci Gowling amateur Alicia Otter amateur
Jade Kelly amateur Poppy Mclennan amateur 3rd Kaci Jayes amateur
Klaudia Kamuda amateur Maddie Lyons amateur Kaci Howis amateur
Maca Howitt amateur Dane Bailey amateur Beth Baker amateur
Deanna Jeffs amateur Kira Carter amateur Thorpe Mills amateur
Kinga Kamuda amateur Kinga Kamuda amateur Phoebe Phillips amateur
Katy Walker amateur Emily Whittaker amateur Taylor Cochrane amateur

Emily Crump & Phoebe Mills first timers 4th Eva Latham & Olivia Manville amateur 5th
Eleanor Ford & Emily Otter amateur 3rd Maddie Lyons & Poppy Mclennan amateur 6th
Maca Howitt & Alicia Otter amateur Grace Hardy & Kaci Jayes amateur
Hannah Crump & Darci Gowling amateur Kaci Howis & Jade Kelly amateur
Kira Carter & Deanna Jeffs amateur Beth Baker & Thorpe Mills amateur 5th
Katy Walker & Emily Whittaker amateur Phoebe Phillips & Emily Sharratt amateur
Kinga Kaunda & Klaudia Kamuda amateur Taylor Cochrane & Courtney Brain amateur 4th

Skool Run- Maddie Lyons, Kaci Jayes, Kaci Howis, Deanna Jeffs, Kira Carter, Beth Baker, Kinga Kamuda, Klaudia Kamuda, Thorpe Mills, Phoebe Phillips, Darci Gowling, Taylor Cochrane, Alicia Otter, Amateur 3rd

November 2015

Lottie Halliday first timer 6&u Isabella Cooper first timer 6&u 5th Chloe Sambrook amateur 14&u
Ella Toyne amateur 8&u Eva Latham amateur 8&u Emily Crump amateur 8&u Phoebe Mills amateur 8&u Maca Howitt amateur 12&u Alicia Otter amateur 12&u
Jaz Mcmullan amateur 10&u Emily Otter amateur 10&u Eleanor Ford amateur 10&u Hannah Crump amateur 11&u Beth Baker amateur 16&u Thorpe Mills amateur 14&u 3rd Kinga Kamuda amateur 16&u 6th Emily Sharratt amateur 16&u Kira Carter amateur 14&u
Phoebe Phillips amateur 16&u 5th Poppy McLennan open 14&u Maddie Lyons amateur 14&u
Deanna Jeffs amateur 14&u Jade Harkness amateur 16&u 4th Klaudia Kamuda amateur 14&u
Chloe Sambrook amateur 14&u Kaci Jayes amateur 12&u Mark Storan amateur 12&u
Kaci Howis amateur 12&u Darci Gowling amateur 12&u Olivia Manville amateur 10&u Macey Dimberline amateur 8&u Kelcie White amateur 8&u Alex Rogers amateur 8&u 7th

Lottie Halliday & Isabella Cooper first timer 6&u 7th Ella Toyne & Eva Latham amateur 8&u 2nd
Emily Crump & Phoebe Mills amateur 8&u 4th Maca Hewitt & Alicia Otter amateur 12&u
Jaz Mcmullan & Emily Otter open 10&u 2nd Eleanor Ford & Hannah Crump open 12&u
Beth Baker & Thorpe Mills amateur 16&u 6th Kinga Kamuda & Emily Sharratt amateur 16&u
Kira Carter & Phoebe Phillips amateur 16&u Poppy McLennan & Maddie Lyons amateur 14&u
Deanna Jeffs & Jade Harkness amateur 16&u Klaudia Kamuda & Chloe Sambrook amateur 16&u
Kaci Jayes & Mark Storan amateur 12&u 5th Kaci Howis & Darci Gowling amateur 12&u
Olivia Manville & Macey Dimberline amateur 10&u 7th Kelcie White & Alex Rogers amateur 8&u 3rd

Little Swaggers- Ella Toyne, Eva Latham, Emily Crump, Phoebe Mills, Hannah Crump, Eleanor Ford, Olivia Manville, Macey Dimberline, Kelcie White, & Alex Rogers. Amateur 8&u 1st

Skool Run- Maca Howitt, Mark Storan, Thorpe Mills, Alicia Otter, Emily Otter, Jaz Mcmullan, Beth Baker, Kira Carter, Deanna Jeffs, Jade Harkness, Darci Gowling & Phoebe Phillips. Amateur 14&u 3rd

The Girlz- Poppy Mclennan, Maddie Lyons, Kai Jayes, Kaci Howis, Chloe Sambrook, Kinga Kamuda, Klaudia Kamuda & Emily Sharratt. Amateur 14&u 5th