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Tamara has only turned 3 and runs into her Saturday morning ballet class with a HUGE smile on her face, which says it all!!!  Everyone is so friendly and they have such a lovely manner with the children that I don’t even mind giving up my only lie-in to get her there on time – Michelle Eldin

Both our girls attend the LJSI.  They both enjoy their classes and can’t wait for theirs to come round each week.  Watching the numerous youngsters leaving tells me more about the enjoyment children at all levels of the ability spectrum get from their  weekly classes than anything I can write in a review – Steve Crump

My daughter Paisley attends the disco dance class, wow they were popping out some moves tonight!  She loves this class and Miss Jade  – Ali Wright

Adult Belly Dancing – After a long week I can’t think of anything better than unwinding with a group of friends at a dance class.  We have a great time with lots of laughs whilst keeping fit and learning new things.  Lisa does an amazing job by pitching the lesson at just the right level – Caroline Miller

I love it!  I go here for many classes and going to the LJSI has given me many opportunities to do what I want to do with their help and support.  I would suggest this dance school to anyone, its amazing – Nia Scott 

I am so proud of my daughter, I never thought I would see her on stage or getting rosettes, I would recommend the Stage Institute to anyone and would like to say how wonderful the staff are – Tracy Adams

Not only have you given me the chance to find my inner tap dancer but you have taken Zane on board and given him the chance to be involved in Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and many other classes.   You’ve given him belief in himself about his future and for that my thanks are endless – Karen Revill